Artist Statement

Ari Cebollero draws a Buffalo"...a myriad of ouroboros-influenced scribbles accompanied with hints, letters and symbolic shapes completing the ideas. My work is inspired from day dreams, spontaneous visits from the idea fairy and fond memories. Thematically, I incorporate my studies of nature and the interaction/habits of the animal kingdom. Cebollero considers including wildlife subjects in his pieces to be more poetic than the human figure. Occasionally, I use the female figure, but the outcome is too obvious. I'd like to have the viewer peek a little deeper by understanding a little more about why I choose the particular animal and its relationship with the environment I created for them. Choosing the right creature is important in accomplishing the composition. I also carefully title each piece, the way a recording artist names a song or an album. The title is extremely important to complete the idea, so I have begun to incorporate letters, numbers and shapes into my compositions. Being bilingual, multilingual character sets and titles are instrumental in accomplishing a confusing, yet familiar setting that a viewer must process to understand what's beneath all the scribbles. I use a color palette that's often associated with sunsets, and earth toned background highlighted with pinks and blues. You'll often see a sun or moon accompanied with a body of water as elements that suggest the mood or feeling of the main subject."Ari Cebollero


Ari Cebollero, an artist born and raised in Northwest Indiana, has been passionate about the arts since early childhood. He has a BFA from the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

Ari Cebollero draws a BlackbirdDuring his early years, he would destroy complete notebooks with circles and scribbles. Numerous scoldings and ruined notebooks later, he decided to practice form and structure.

Cebollero would continue working on his art into his high school days where he started playing drums for a local band, Kharrahface. Taking advantage of this new creative venture, he contributed album art, flyer layouts and web design. During this time, he became intrigued with the song writing process and experimented with abstract forms of music. Cebollero gravitated towards musicians/artists who produced ambiguously themed song titles and music with metaphoric substance.

Ari Cebollero enrolled into the American Academy of Art where he studied the essentials of life drawing his first year. "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist" was a Pablo Picasso quote he lived by as he became a sponge to learning. He experimented with as many creative genres available to him such as: life drawing, photography, filming/video editing, graphic and web design, 3d modeling.